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“Over Drinking” Little Big Town music video starring Michelle Monaghan and Michael Mau. Premiered October 29. Directed by Running Bear. Watch the video and then read this article from One Country.

Over Drinking 2

2019 Fatherless

Written and Directed by William M. Crouch

2020 The Noots

Paper Crane Films

2019 Armstrong Real Estate

Directed by Dillon Bock of Hypeman


2019 Holiday World Commercial

Directed by Ross Simpson of Factory


2019 Fayette Heating & Air Commercial–Aired during Super Bowl LIII

Directed by Jason Epperson of Eppic Films


2018 C. Shirock Video– Full Video Available on YouTube.

Directed by John Matysiak of Inkwell Films


2018 NIPSCO Commercial and Mini Spots

Directed by Ryan Noel of Borshoff





From “This is Our North Dakota”

From “Best Launderette”

From “Angela and the Baby Jesus”