Contact Me

Maybe you’re an agent who’s read my work and wants to represent me. Perchance you’re just a fan. Could it be that you are an editor at a major house?  A casting director? More than likely you’re my mother.

Devin Bundrent
1205 E. Washington Street, Suite 107
Louisville, KY 40206
p: 502.589.2540
f: 502.589.2545

Laura VonHolle
Brittany Kirby
700 West Pete Rose Way, Suite 434
Cincinnati, OH 45203
p: 513.533.3113
f: 513.533.3135

AMAX Talent
Kayla Borg
307 Wilburn Street Nashville TN 37207
p: 615.321.6202
f: 615.712.6267


You want my phone number? My digits? OK. 859-388-462five

Or e-mail me directly at 

Or visit my Instagram: @michael_mau_

Or find out about the exciting world of mustaches at

So many choices.

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