Read Me, See Me


“Little Bird” — Petrichor Audio Magazine


“Silence” — Watershed Review

“An Open Letter to America from a Public School Teacher” — McSweeney’s Internet Tendency


“Eyes” — A3 Review, Spring, 2018

“The Cloud” (as “The Upload”) — 50 Word Stories, April, 2018

“Platypus” — Black Market Review, Spring, 2018 bmr_5

“So Much for the Garden of Eden” — Pure Slush

“Until Your Heart Releases You” — Don’t Talk to Me About Love

“Left & Leaving” — Punchnel’s

“Sleepwalker X” — Portland Review, Spring 2015

“Little Bird” — Black Warrior Review, Winter 2014 (Read the BWR interview with me)

“Best Launderette” — Fifth Wednesday Journal, Fall 2014

“Papa” – Firewords Quarterly, Spring 2014

“Greetings from Haiti,” – Subtopian, Spring 2014.

“This is Our North Dakota” — Mount Hope Literary Journal, 2013 Full Text Here

“Uncle Wally in the Omniverse” — Flash, October 2012

“Marlboros, the King, and 8 O’Clock Bean” — HerStory Anthology, August 2012

“Best Laid Schemes” — Ferocious Quarterly, Issue 3, Be Prepared 2012

“Anoint Your Engine for a Heavenly Ride” — Ferocious Short Works, December 2011


“I Have to Practice Because of the” — Jelly Bucket

“Domesticated” — The Esthetic Apostle

“Laugh. Don’t Ever Run” — Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

“Mirror Twins” — Manhattanville Review

“Behind these Hands” — The Grief Diaries

“Lost Girl”–The Slag Review

“Insect King” — The Stray Branch

“Refugees” — The Broke Bohemian

“Warrior Women” — cream city review

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